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I had been on the lookout for a more environmental loo roll. I have seen these on a few online sites, and have tried to look for them in the shops. I couldn’t find any, and for the meantime, I made sure that I buy only FSC certified ones.

I decided to buy Cotton Soft online. The write ups look promising – better for the environment and for me as they are made from organic waste cotton.

They arrived in a pack of 4 rolls. in a plastic packaging with no signs saying the packaging was from recycled material. I opened one, and found out the packaging wasn’t completely sealed. There was sello tape at the bottom to keep the two ends together and another sealed fold over it. I just hoped they have been stored in a clean environment at all times, as I think it could still be easily contaminated.

The loo roll is softer than the paper ones. it doesn’t break as easily. and there is less tissue left on wet skin. Only comes in 2-ply. Though it doesn’t seem like the 2 ply stick very well together. I had a bit of a struggle on the first roll I took out as the perforations on them don’t align. But you get this even on the paper ones, so no biggie. The only thing is, I do end up using a bit more than my usual 3-ply paper rolls as this doesn’t seem to be any more absorbent.

Cost me £2.89 for a pack of 4. A bit expensive if you also add the shipping costs as you can’t just buy them along with your weekly shopping.

But the question is, would I buy again? I would. Though I know, I would probably be back to using FSC certified ones whenever i forget to replenish my stock. I buy the idea that cotton loo rolls are better for the environment as it would mean less trees being cut down to add to the ever growing demand for paper products. So maybe, whilst I am still unable to give up on such modern conveniences such as the loo roll – I might as well try and be more responsible where I buy them from.


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It’s up to the people of London to decide what kind of environment they want to leave their children with – do they want to leave them with better or worse than what we have now. If we want to help the future generations about the climate/environmental problems they are going to face, we have to start now. Whatever problems they will have in the future is the cumulative effects of what we, our current generations, are badly doing now. Do we want to leave our children with untidy surroundings, where thousands of plastic bags are scattered anywhere and blown by wind everywhere? Warmer climate because of disappearing ozone layer?

There are solutions to these issues, but today’s generation has to decide if we want to contribute to the solution or keep on messing. The longer we mess the worse will be the problems in the future. One simple solution we can do is planting more trees in our area, or maximising planting whereever we can. Trees, or any other plants, are one of the basic sources we need, yet we’re taking it for granted – cutting more and more of it without replacing and even destroying the land areas to develop to something more residential or industrial. Even here in London we can do something. We can re-asses our community development plans and include more plants in the landscapes. London can be creative and can show other metropolitan areas that it can be done. We need to be planting more to make it a sustainable source for future generations.

Another solution is being more responsible consumers when possible. Consuming products made from sustainable products and fairly traded. We’re not only responsible for the environment, for future generations, but we’re also responsible for other people. How can we wear our clothing, eat our food and use our accessories produced/made by people working in inhumane conditions? Or made by underpaid child labors? There are many manufacturers who still provide the same products we use today who are responsible in their tradings, we just have to know them. We don’t need to sacrifice our lifestyle.

The choice is with us on which direction we want to go. Sometimes, the right decision is the more difficult choice, but we have to see the big picture.

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the guui bag - Fairtrade, organic, reusable carrier bag

We believe that we are in a position to give everybody that little push to go the extra mile to become greener.

So if you are out looking for a functional carrier bag (ours come with short and long handles and has the room for your shopping), why not do a bit more? Go for one made out of Fairtrade, organic cotton. Not only do you reuse, saving thousands of plastics going into the landfill, you also buy into ethical trading and organic farming.

Get the guui bag here.

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