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Now that the credit crunch have hit us so hard that we minimised most things to basic essentials, is it possible that when we start going back to our old habits of luxury that we start thinking of the negative effects of these luxuries to the environment of our children? What I’m trying to say is, if we can afford to buy luxuries, can we choose products which have least negative effect with our environment. Or at least demand from manufacturers that they should make their products more environment-friendly.

Luxuries are not at all bad if they make our life a bit more comfortable.

However, if these things pollute the air we breathe, harm the environment when they were manufactured or disposed of, then we’re not really gaining anything and we’re not contributing to our children’s future.

With the daily luxuries that we use everyday, or used to have, or we’ll be having, can we ask ourselves some questions: Are there alternative more environment-friendly products than the one I’m considering now? Are there parts which can be sourced from organic/recycled materials that I can suggest to manufacturers? Did they come from ethically-traded sources? When I don’t want it anymore and want to dispose of it, are there environment-friendly ways to do it? From my perspective these are the basic things I need to consider when buying luxuries.


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You should know the drill by now, you should always say no to a plastic carrier bags!

But, we sometimes forget. Or the really efficient sales staff have wrapped up our purchases so quickly that we have not had the heart to tell her off. Green or not, we all have that stash of plastic carrier bags in the kitchen drawers ready to reuse, biding their time until they’re ready for the recycler. And they’re most probably taking up more space than we’d like.

I’ve actually been folding up my stash into little triangles. It’s not a new idea, I can’t even remember how I stumbled across it on the internet.

I recently came across a blog with pictures, here, and thought I share the idea with everyone. I only have a little paper bag now to hold my stash ready for reuse.

Happy folding!

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