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We have been buying less and less stuff. And not just because it’s officially recession. Several house moves that have involved moving between continents has taught us that a lot of the things we have bought are simply not worth the money. how we waste storage space around the home just to house the things we have considered too precious to give away, yet too impractical to use. And that we have allowed resources to be wasted just for it to gather dust.

I hope to be moving soon. To a house that we can finally call home and settle. And whilst I wait for that to happen, I have been busying myself daydreaming how I can turn the house into a home.

Not too long ago I had been crazy about all things mass-produced. The cheap and cheerful stuff. All because the idea of having to fill your home right after giving up a hefty amount for the deposit and sinking neck deep in mortgages is quite daunting to the wallet. This time, I am hoping to sit in an empty house until I find only the things worth buying.

Maybe a lot of old stuff. Trawl through the car boot sales for good finds. The antique markets for one-off pieces. Some new stuff. But quality new stuff. Things that lasts. The husband and I have been shying away from the ‘made in china’ labels. Always looking for alternatives. And trying to find shops who actually have ethics.

I don’t want to be changing my living room suite every 5 years. I want stuff that looks better as they age. (Maybe secretly hoping that it would rub off on me as well.)

Here are a few rules I am hoping to follow:

  • Say no to ‘Made in China’. And be partial to locally made to imported ones.
  • Always look in second hand shops and antique markets first.
  • Be partial to multi-purpose stuff. A side table that can double as a stool perhaps? I already have a rice cooker/slow cooker/steamer in one. Love the slash.
  • Plan before buying. Would it suit the house? Can I live without it?
  • What is it made of? Limit plastics. More recycled materials. Is it from a sustainable source?

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Happy New Year!

green new year

New year, a time to make a fresh start. Allow me to share with you a very apt message from a page in my calendar (credits from the living green Page-A-Day calendar).

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