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Whilst experts and politicians are debating whether humans contribute to global warming, let’s look at other aspects affected by this issue. Necessity is the parent of all inventions.

This issue has triggered many researches in all aspects of our life. Because of this we have become conscious and forced us to re-evaluate our attitude towards how we use our resources and manage our wastes, which affect our world and has consequences to our children. We finally realised that no resources are really infinite, not even oil, land or potable water. Awareness of this issue caused an increase in research investments that resulted in more energy-efficient homes, more sources of renewable energy, more compostable/biodegradable materials for mostly everything we use (i.e. packagings), more modern energy-efficient equipment, more fuel-efficient vehicles, etc. True, all these things come at higher costs. I’d rather pay the premium today while it’s much cheaper as it will be more costly to our children in the future. As research and technology improve, premiums will be lesser in the long term.

If we have not become aware of this issue, whether true in the long term or not, we wouldn’t invest much in research. Development of more energy-efficient products/technologies would be at much slower pace; consumers wouldn’t be bothered to demand such things.

I’ll leave to the scientists (and politicians) to continue with the debate. It’s always natural for us humans to always disagree with anything. The results of this awareness are all positive from what I can see. In our time when the population of the world is growing (and we consume ever more as people become more progressive, i.e. China) and available resources are shrinking, it’s just right that we strive for higher efficiency.

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We sacrifice a lot for our children’s future – we spend so much time working hard so we can give them the best we can afford, we save money to fund their education, and we help them as much as we can when they start a new stage in their life.

How much of their future do we really think about? Do we only think about the economics of their future life? Can we include in our worries their future environment?

We don’t know what problems the future will bring. From previous generation to today’s generation we experienced wars, poverty, political and economic instabilities (which includes dot.com bubble and today’s credit crunch). I think the future will uncover a much worse problem than what we face now. How will you solve environmental problems caused by generations of neglect – climate change, pollution, food shortage? Money we’re trying to save will not save our children from these problems.

It’s worrying that majority of people and businesses don’t realise the urgency of this issue. Each individual has a contribution to make and they can also bring that contribution to their workplace. Businesses should take this seriously and not only use it for publicity or marketing strategy. They should actively implement their policies concerning the environment and energy efficiency. I would put this above the issue of health and safety as breathing polluted air and destroying the environment is a broad part of health and safety issue.

Our blog from previous weeks discussed many things how we can contribute to solutions on environmental issues affecting our children’s future. My sacrifice will not stop just providing them economic security.

How much are we willing to pay for our children’s future?

Read more: Companies need green directors article from the BBC.

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It’s up to the people of London to decide what kind of environment they want to leave their children with – do they want to leave them with better or worse than what we have now. If we want to help the future generations about the climate/environmental problems they are going to face, we have to start now. Whatever problems they will have in the future is the cumulative effects of what we, our current generations, are badly doing now. Do we want to leave our children with untidy surroundings, where thousands of plastic bags are scattered anywhere and blown by wind everywhere? Warmer climate because of disappearing ozone layer?

There are solutions to these issues, but today’s generation has to decide if we want to contribute to the solution or keep on messing. The longer we mess the worse will be the problems in the future. One simple solution we can do is planting more trees in our area, or maximising planting whereever we can. Trees, or any other plants, are one of the basic sources we need, yet we’re taking it for granted – cutting more and more of it without replacing and even destroying the land areas to develop to something more residential or industrial. Even here in London we can do something. We can re-asses our community development plans and include more plants in the landscapes. London can be creative and can show other metropolitan areas that it can be done. We need to be planting more to make it a sustainable source for future generations.

Another solution is being more responsible consumers when possible. Consuming products made from sustainable products and fairly traded. We’re not only responsible for the environment, for future generations, but we’re also responsible for other people. How can we wear our clothing, eat our food and use our accessories produced/made by people working in inhumane conditions? Or made by underpaid child labors? There are many manufacturers who still provide the same products we use today who are responsible in their tradings, we just have to know them. We don’t need to sacrifice our lifestyle.

The choice is with us on which direction we want to go. Sometimes, the right decision is the more difficult choice, but we have to see the big picture.

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